It is our pleasure to announce that we have finally decided about the event DREAM-2010. The event will be organized in collaboration with Sewa Bharti, a nation wide NGO. Sapney team will be visiting one of their centers in North-West Delhi on 26th June, 2010.

The institute serves as a reservoir  of knowledge for little children, who comes  to learn skills of life. The institute imparts computer knowledge to young minds at nominal cost.

Our Plan: To celebrate childhood by helping kids learn better.

How can we contribute:

1.Please do come and share your love.

2. Computer accessories : Pen drives,  blank CD’s , speakers , educational games CD , Old mouse, keyboards or anything you feel. Just make sure whatever you give is working fine.

3.Books, stationary, blank notebooks, activity books

4. Toys for little kids. Please make sure that toys /games are in playable condition and are safe to play with.

5. We are anyways buying the stuff, so you can contribute financially as well.

Please do come and enjoy the pleasure of giving.

We will be very great ful if you can intimate us about your presence and plans for the event at the earliest.

Call us at 9811725067

Mail us at smilingbuds1@yahoo.co.in

or simply comment to this post.


2 thoughts on “Dream-2010

  1. It is being an honour for me to be a part of this cause . I will Surely Be ready with my Support in the form of things required on that day . Proud to be in sapney team .
    Chander Mohan Gulwani

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