New initiative. Lets go social for good!

Hi friend,

just got an idea that we can contribute to our trusted friend NGO’s just by facebooking and tweeting. We can take responsibility of handling social media interactivity of various NGO’s we are connected to. We will need volunteers for this task. It will just take 5 minutes a day for doing this task. but it might be very helpful.

For example, if we take AICB’s (All India Confederation for blind) ¬†social media interaction responsibility. Then we will be handling their facebook, youtube and twitter account. We will post new photographs , post, tweets and upload videos on you-tube. This will help them gain popularity and hopefully more people will contribute and join them and we will get recognition too.

please let us know if you are interested. Comments and suggestions welcome. Your comments encourage us to move forward.

Have a nice day !


Happy Friendship Day!

Happy friendship day to all the friends of Sapney. Thanks for being with us and we hope you all will stay and add more of your friends with us. Few days back Sapney¬† met a new friend. The new friend was named “Childline 1098”. If you want to be friends with this new friend of ours, please visit link



Happy friendship Day

A Childline Dost is someone who chooses to lend a hand to Childline in helping children in distress. To be a Childline Dost you need to observe what happens around you, take action when necessary and call Childline 1098 to help protect children.

You, as a Childline Dost will be an ambassador for child protection.