Sapney is on Shemrock school website

Hi friends,

Sapney is  on Shemrock school website. Checkout the link http://www.shemrock.com/celebration_christmas.htm to see the post.

Wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy new year !


Team Sapney at Christmas Carnival organized by Shemrock school, Rohini

Merry Christmas to all.  Team was invited at the 2 day  Christmas carnival organized by Shemrock School, Rohini. We went to the place with 5 children who belonged to the house-helpers in Rohini area. Kids had a great time with Santa and other students of  Shemrock school. The school welcomed and treated children in a very special way. Kids had a chance to cut the christmas cake with the good old friend Santa. They danced to the tune of Jingle bells hands in hands with their new friends who were exited to celebrate Christma with them. The kids also enjoyed all the swings and activities of the school. The were overjoyed in the caterpillar train ride. Further on, they were thrilled to share a ride with Santa in his beautiful buggy. In the end Children received gifts from Shemrock School and they returned home singing Merry Christmas and carrying many beautiful Memories to cherish. Parents of students studying at Shemrock school contributed whole heartedly with toys, games and clothes.


But this was not the end, as there was still “Day 2” . Today there were 15 kids who were all set to celebrate their most special Christmas ever. They went to the fair and had a blast. They played games like hulla hoops, decorate the Christmas tree, throw the ball in Santa’s mouth etc. Their joy knew no bound when they had a pic with Santa hugging ans shaking hands with them. The most enticing part was the magic show in which they were also given a chance to participate. The children bid good bye with toy Santa in their hand which were gifted by Shemrock .

We had a great time and best Christmas of our lives as we saw the kids smiling and enjoying. This was Christmas in real terms for Team Sapney. We were happy to gift children soft toys and candies which were contributed by parents of students at Shemrock.

Please visit http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.224595457616912.55489.125008627575596&type=1 to watch the pics for the event


Sapney @ Christmas carnival -Courtesy Shemrock Play School, Rohini

Hello Friends,

As a result of various activities during last couple of weeks, people have started identifying Sapney. Shemrock School, Rohini has invited Sapney to its Christmas Carnival . 15 children will go the carnival with Sapney’s team. These children belong to the house-helpers from Rohini Area. School authorities have asked parents of it’s students to bring toys, clothes etc. which will be given to these children. This will also provide a beautiful platform for kids of  the school to interact and befriend the children with us. Children will  enjoy  Santa Buggy Ride, magic shows, dance, music etc. The event is at Shemrock School, Rohini on 23rd and 24th dec and if you wish to join in and volunteer please confirm by evening. Sorry for short notice but this came to us on a very quick note.  Will love to see your support and concern.


Team Sapney


Sapney Song and story behind – by Kamal Saikia

SAPNEY hain…

Chal Pade hain hum doston, mann mein leke yeh aans,

Payengey hun apni manzil, pura hai vishwas,

Mushkilen toh ayengi, de do tum apna haath,

Raasten bhi anjaaney hain, chalna hai humko toh saath,

Aankhon mein.. Roshan se.. Jaagey hue kuch nayen….

Sapne Hain…

Jeet ki khushiyan geeton mein laye, gaye dil har pal,

Raahon mein ab na ho andheren, deep jalate tu chal,

Chaaron aur roshini hogi, pura hoga armaan,

Aayega ek naya savera, badlega yeh jahaan,

Dil mein bhi.. Kuch aise hi.. Jaagey hue kuch nayen…

Sapney Hain…

Khil-khilaten chehren inki, pyari hain muskaan,

Taaron se bhi aagey dekhen, dil ki unchi udaan,

Aansooyon ko khusiyon se bharden, aisi hai kuch in mein baat,

Dekhna kuch karke dikhayen ye, thaamo jo tum inka haath,

Haan Yaaron.. Yeh sach toh hai.. Inke liye hum hi toh…

Sapney Hain…


The making of the song….

Warm Winter Clothes… (Or Clothes altogether…)

An unwary Smile…
Little Innocent Moments of Joy…


On the contrary what are simple desires for us fortunate ones are distant
dreams for those less lucky than us.

And therefore, keeping this anarchy in mind the whole idea of our
mission “Sapney” stands for hope, belief, compassion and fulfilling these dreams
of these little and precious ones.

I wouldn’t quote some clichéd lines like “ this song is special… its written from the
heart… it has a special message hidden in it.. etc.. etc…”

But nevertheless, I would dare to say that you have to see, for you to believe…
listen, for you to understand…. And feel, for you to waken that compassion in
you… for in these lines lie one truth…

“Haan yaaron… yeh sach toh hai… Inkey liye Hum hi toh… Sapney Hain”.

(If not us… who else then??)
I still remember that classroom , where, after college,
Nishant and I
scribbled the first few lines of this song,
Ravi with his Guitar added that
extra ingredient and then
there was no looking back.

I would Sincerely thank brother John for making
it touch a different level altogether at his studio.

And the results are evident enough
and as the song goes…
“SAPNEY hain…


Gillette Blade of Honour on CNN IBN.

Hi Friends,

Gillette blade of honour

As you all must be aware that “SAPNEY” got acknowledged by “Gillette Blade of Honour”. The same will be broadcasted on CNN IBN in its show at 4:30 in evening on Saturday, 17th December.


Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make this event possible.


Congrats to Sapney Team !



This medal is a dedication to your efforts and you guys truly deserve it.

It would have never been possible to see “SAPNEY” at this level without your cooperation. We expect to receive your love and support in future as well. GILLETTE BLADE OF HONOUR award is award for everysingle person who have been part of Sapney. We will inform you when this event will be aired on TV.

Love you guys.