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A NGO model where not much of money is needed

Hi Friends,

After being part of NGO for almost 8 years, we have discovered a way by which a NGO can be run without monetary funds. Yes ! you can help people without much money as well. We are mentioning the ways which are more applicable to child welfare NGO, but most of these will be applicable to other formats as well.

Here are a few things that can be done:

1. Teach for free

2. Ask for donations in kind rather than cash. People are more comfortable about bringing 100 notebooks on their own as compared to paying for 20 notebooks in cash.

3. Ask your members to donate old toys and clothes. Also insist them to ask their neighbors (specially if they have growing children)

4. Use social media for campaigning, marketing and communication. It gives wider reach and is less expensive than printing.

5. For your cash requirements, you can collaborate with some school, college, institution for their monthly stock of old newspapers. After selling this scrap you can have good amount of money.

6. Sell photographs from your events to members. Members are sure to buy pics of their good deeds. Book it before getting it printed by showing pics on screen.

7. Collaborate with preschools/schools for donations of toys and old clothes from children on special occasions like Diwali or Christmas. You can also conduct a small event in school for acknowledging their support.

8. Ask friends for their services rather than paying for it. Some of your friends are sure to have passion for photography and good cameras. Invite them over and ask them to click good moments. Like wise a designer in your group might help you for designing good posters.

9. Be honest in your approach. Accept money only if you need it and spend it wisely.

10. Be as transparent as you can and people will be more than willing to contribute. People like making efforts to bring stuff themselves rather than just just giving money and not knowing what happened to it. Make best efforts to call people to events you conduct so that they can experience joy of giving and feel proud.


Laughter Day Celebration

for-facebookSapney invites you to celebrate World Laughter Day with tiny tots and make your weekend memorable.

Venue: MCD School Mundka, 10 minutes walk from from Mundka metro station

Time:  4th May’ 2013 from 10 AM to 12 PM

For more information please visit our facebook page at

We will love to have you there. We assure that you will love it !






Memories of Smiles 2012 :)

One more day added to the celebrations of our lives. One more event of  Sapney where we had smiles all around us and we were smiling as well. Many smiles added to the faces of kids who enjoyed the event and many more dreams fulfilled with small effort of Sapney Team.

If you missed it by chance, here is the details of what happened on 6th Of  October, 2012 at Saraswati Vihar Slum area.

Painted with love , comparison of walls before and after

Painted with love , comparison of walls before and after

Painted with Love

We actually started off  a bit early this time, by getting the venue painted a few days before the event. The venue was not in a very nice condition when we first visited the place a week before the event. It was full of damp marks , paint falling off the walls and bricks were clearly visible through the washed off paint. The blackboard too was not in condition where on the teacher could write a word. With the efforts and contribution of the members we were able to get the venue painted for Rs 3500 by Bhagvan Das Ji, who is the resident of same slum area. In this peak time before Diwali any painter would have asked Rs 5000-6000 for the task, but we could somehow negotiate with the person who painted, as 3 of his kids were also studying at the center. The teacher, Mrs Shashi Ji was a great help in helping us contact the painter. She also contributed in getting the venue painted by being there at the venue when the work was on, and scheduling the classes accordingly. All the members who were there appreciated the paint job being done.

We made it magical. Literally !

Yes, its true that we created magic this time which, the kids and the members are sure to remember for long time. The magician Mr Mahesh was star of the show. He was so cooperative and engaging . He made sure that all the kids  participated in making magic happen. He asked for Rs 1700 for a show of 30 minutes. Whenever he performed a trick, kids exclaimed by saying a very poetic, waoooooow. He taught kids a simple tissue paper magic, which was a learning for us as well. Thanks to Rhythm Jain and Abhishek Dhingra for contributing and making magic happen.






Goodies for the kids 

This time we had lots of stuff to give. So much so that the kids were actually finding it tough to carry it while going home ( We helped and made sure nothing felt off their little hands). While leaving the venue the kids had a bright colored packed toy, clothes suitable to their age and gender, a notebook, crayon colors, a pencil, a pack of chips and a lot of memories to cherish. The stuff was contributed by Shemrock Play School ( Pitampura ), Anjali Gupta, Aman Deep Singla, Megha Gupta, Sumit Chawla,Bhawna Aneja,  Yukti Tuli, Vabhav Wadhavan, Pallavi Tandon, Megha Chitkara. (Please let us know if somehow we have missed any name.)


And what more…

This is not the end as there is lot more to it. Thanks to Pooja Aggarwal for contributing the blackboard / whiteboard which will help kids learn in better way. To further decorate the walls of the center, kanika Kalra had charts of “parts of body”, “animals”, “ABC” and “Hindi alphabets”.I must mention here that Kanika have been playing much bigger role at the events ever since. Kanika along with Anshu, Priyanka, Bhavna, Megha Gupta, Sumit Chawla started interacting with kids and made them dance, laugh, share jokes, poems and had a blast. Thanks to Sumit Chawla, Ankit Mittal, Aadhar, Bhawna and Sunny for clicking lovely pics and capturing the magic moments in their cameras.

Here is the details of the cost incurred for the event:

Painting the venue:Rs 3500

Magician: Rs 1700

Blackboard, chalks and wall charts: Rs 400

Packing papers: Rs 60

Other contributions were:

Crayon colors, Notebooks, Pencils, pencil boxes, chips, clothes, toys,chocolates,cash and lots of smiles…

Cash contributions were given by:

Megha Gupta, Sakshi  & Ankit Mittal, Anukul, Bhavna, Priya Ranjan, Rajan Gaur, Anukul

Contributions in form of gifts were given by:

Vaibhav Wadhawan, Yukti Tuli, Pallavi Tandon, Anjali Gupta, Amita Pasricha, Megha Chitkara, Shemrock Playschool,

Thanks to following people for attending the event.

Mr. Vaibhav Wadhavan

Mr. Aadhar Girotra

Ms. Kanika Kalra

Mr. Rajan Gaur

Mr. Sanjeev Singh

Master. Samarth Singh

Mr. Sumit Chawla

Ms. Megha Gupta

Ms. Yukti Tuli

Ms. Anjali Gupta

Mr. Ankit Mittal

Ms. Sakshi Mittal

Mr. Priyaranjan

Mr. Anukul Kumar

Ms. Pallavi Tandon

Ms. Bhawna Aneja

Mr. Aman Deep Singla

Ms. Priyanka Singh

Ms. Veena Garg

Ms. Saroj rastogi

Ms. Usha Sharma

Ms. Kanchan Singal

Mr. Sudarshan Bansal

Mr. Rajnaresh Singh

Ms. Poonam Bhardwaj

Ms. Neera Mahendran

Ms. Shashi

Mr. Gulshan Sapra

Ms. Veena Sapra

Ms. Anshu Sapra

Mr. Nishant Sapra

Special Thanks to Mrs. Neera Mahendra, Mrs. veena Garg, Ms. Shashi from Sewa Bharti for making the event happen.

If we have missed out any name or any acknowledgement for the contributions, please mail the same to us at or call at 9811725067. We tried our best to cover each and every detail of the event, however if you find any discrepancy, please bring the same to our notice,  and we will make sure we correct the same instantly.

Thank you everyone for being the part of Sapney Charitable Trust.


Hi Friends. Time to wake up and Dream again…

Hello Friends,


Its being some time now that we have done some good deed. So lets wake up and break the monotony of regular routine and plan some good. We have successfully completed around a dozen of events and many of you have been part of making it happen.

We invite your ideas, thoughts and dreams to be shared here. Many a times it happens we see something around us and think, I wish something could be done about it. It can be a beggar on the road side or a known aunty who needs help for paying school fee of her child. It can be anyone around us. Let’s help.

Each one of us have a set of problems to tackle, but thanks to god, all the problems we have are still manageable. But you know what, there are people who look up to YOU to get their problems solved. There are children in orphanages who wait for your visit year through. There are children who become happy with your old toys and feel cozy in your old clothes. YES for them YOU are the solution, YOU are the dream merchant, and YOU are their Santa Claus. If you don’t trust me remember the shine you must have seen in the their eyes during any of the past events of SAPNEY.

We need your involvement to make SAPNEY more contributing part of society. Please keep suggesting the ways we can help others. If you see a child in pain, it will not take much of effort to post us about the same. let us see if together we can help and give them a smile.

Thanks for your patience in reading this post at last we will say, please comment on this post or on facebook to share your ideas for the next event .You can mail us at