Thanks to Shemrock school for their continued support

One more time team of Shemrock schools from Delhi opened their heart for little friends of Sapney by donating bags full of toys and clothes. We received the goodies from their team on the event of Christmas.

Last year also, we received wishes from Shemrock team in form of clothes and toys.  The event was covered in print media by national daily “The Hindu”. The event also got featured in “Jagran”. Here is the link for the same: http://cityplus.jagran.com/city-buzz/christmas-with-needy_1325494815.html

We thank the entire team of Shemrock and Shemford school for supporting the cause and we wish them progress and prosperity in all their endeavors.

Lat year we utilized the clothes and toys which were donated at event organised in slum area of Saraswati Vihar. The event Smiles 2012:) received lot of praise and response in terms of members attendance. But this time we have received even bigger lot of clothes and toys so we really need to scale up our efforts for bigger event. Since we already have lot of stuff to donate, the only thing we ask from you is your support in spreading word about Sapney and your blessings at the time of event. More than anything else, what inspires us the most is the large number of people at the event.

Thanks for your time and love for Sapney. Love children and stay blessed !



Sapney Charitable Trust Presents Smiles:) 2012


Sapney Charitable Trust welcome you all to SMILES 🙂 2012.

Let us celebrate childhood one more time by gifting children the gifts of smiles, clothes toys and memories wrapped in boxes of love and time. Come together this 6th of October to celebrate the afternoon filled with joyful moments, and lots of children.  Thanks to the kids of  Shemrock School, who donated clothes and toys last Christmas to Sapney Charitable Trust. We will be passing these toys and clothes to those who can wear them and play with them We are also thankful to the individual contributors who have contributed with stuffs to donate.

Date:6th October,2012

time: 1:30 PM

Venue: Sewa Bhart Institute near Saraswati Vihar. We will soon upload the map and directions for ease of commuting.

Remarks:  The place is  small but full of children, maybe in tight gullies of slums but good enough for children to dance and receive your love and care. No fancy arrangements for car parking or food, but a lot of food for soul and ample of space to park a lot of memories and smiles in your heart. Will love to see you there.

If you wish to contribute for the cause and future events, you can do the same in ways more than one.  

1. Bring in your good cameras and click beautiful pics, spread the love and message by sharing the pics and telling more people about Sapney.

2. Do attend the event, with lots of your friends and family members. More the merrier

3. When you come along, make sure you bring atleast one old toy or dress from your cabinet for children to wear or play. If you do not have kids at home, do not hesitate to ask your neighbors, friends or relatives for it.  One cloth per member can actually mean hundreds of clothes added to the pool Ain’t it great. I tried searching and I found 4 clothes of my school days still lying in my cabinet.

4.  You can sponsor a magician for kids. We can call a magician to entertain the children at the day of event. Normally a magician costs Rs 2000 fora  show of 30 minutes.

5.  You can contribute in cash for which you will be getting receipt. The cash will be used for conducting future events in much better way and on frequent intervals.

None of the above points is mandatory, but even if you opt for one of them for this event, it will mean a lot. The best way to be committed to the cause is to announce your contribution. Comment on our facebook page or blog with your choice of contribution and we will be happy and grateful to acknowledge it. You may also commit your contribution by sending  SMS to 9811725067 or by sending us an email  at sapneycharitabletrust@gmail.com 


Love, Sapney Charitable Trust


Hi Friends. Time to wake up and Dream again…

Hello Friends,


Its being some time now that we have done some good deed. So lets wake up and break the monotony of regular routine and plan some good. We have successfully completed around a dozen of events and many of you have been part of making it happen.

We invite your ideas, thoughts and dreams to be shared here. Many a times it happens we see something around us and think, I wish something could be done about it. It can be a beggar on the road side or a known aunty who needs help for paying school fee of her child. It can be anyone around us. Let’s help.

Each one of us have a set of problems to tackle, but thanks to god, all the problems we have are still manageable. But you know what, there are people who look up to YOU to get their problems solved. There are children in orphanages who wait for your visit year through. There are children who become happy with your old toys and feel cozy in your old clothes. YES for them YOU are the solution, YOU are the dream merchant, and YOU are their Santa Claus. If you don’t trust me remember the shine you must have seen in the their eyes during any of the past events of SAPNEY.

We need your involvement to make SAPNEY more contributing part of society. Please keep suggesting the ways we can help others. If you see a child in pain, it will not take much of effort to post us about the same. let us see if together we can help and give them a smile.

Thanks for your patience in reading this post at last we will say, please comment on this post or on facebook to share your ideas for the next event .You can mail us at sapneycharitabletrust@gmail.com