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We have receive overwhelming response from you all in regards to the sms sent today morning. You would be glad to know that all the items meant for donation has got  arranged for by your joint contribution. Thanks Pooja, Nimish, Richa, Sumit, Vishwalok , Megha, Chander Mohan, Purna, Ruchira and Kanika  for your prompt reply.

Love you all a lot!

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We are in the final stage of preparation for Sapney’s event. We had a talk with Missionaries of Charity, and accordingly have prepared a list of items (with quantities) to be contributed. If you wish to contribute in kind then please contact us with item number and quantity before Saturday. We will buy the remaining items on Sunday.

1.tricycles- 4

2.johnson baby oil-10

3.john baby powder-10

4.baby net-7

5. colouring books-30

6.crayons, sketch colours-30

7.soft toys-10

8. big plastic balls-10

9. diaper(big pack of each size)- 1 of each size

10- stationery items- for 30 kids

Please do not bring any eatables (sweets, chocolates, candies, medicines etc) for kids

Medicines and lactogen will be contributed  but we will buy them taking along one of their representatives with us.

We are also contributing kids inners- vest, undies, panties.

Looking forward for your co operation..


DREAM 2010 – Event Details

Dream 2010 was a great success.Held on 26th of June at Seva Bharti Institute, the event saw the advent of around members. Seva Bharti is a nation wide NGO contributing towards the development of skills amongst the economically challenged masses of the society. It imparts computer knowledge, beautician course, spoken English classes, stitching and tailoring classes at nominal and minimal rates. Sapney contributed in its own way to the institution by distributing crayons, activity books, pencil boxes etc. to the small ones. Printer/scanner/photocopier, computer equipments like- mouse, keyboards and computer stationary like paper packs and blank Cd’s were donated towards the computer section of the institute. Threads, handkerchiefs, pens,registers were other contributions. The children out there were quite interactive.. we played, danced and sang with them.We interacted with the chairmen, trustees and the faculty members of the institute,they were quiet down to earth. We were very pleased to meet them. They shared their experience with us and encouraged us to contribute towards the noble cause of life.

If you are the one who attended the function, share your love by commenting to this post ! We will love to know your experience.