New initiative. Lets go social for good!

Hi friend,

just got an idea that we can contribute to our trusted friend NGO’s just by facebooking and tweeting. We can take responsibility of handling social media interactivity of various NGO’s we are connected to. We will need volunteers for this task. It will just take 5 minutes a day for doing this task. but it might be very helpful.

For example, if we take AICB’s (All India Confederation for blind) ┬ásocial media interaction responsibility. Then we will be handling their facebook, youtube and twitter account. We will post new photographs , post, tweets and upload videos on you-tube. This will help them gain popularity and hopefully more people will contribute and join them and we will get recognition too.

please let us know if you are interested. Comments and suggestions welcome. Your comments encourage us to move forward.

Have a nice day !


We are on facebook !

Thanks to all for your wonderful support which helped us get a dedicated fan page on facebook.
Now you can see latest events and happenings at sapney when you open your facebook page. You can use this simple link to promote sapney to your friends and loved ones.

The easy way to access sapney’s facebook page is by going to www.facebook.com/sapney

Just reach this page and like it (if you have not done it yet!)

Thanks again for being such a wonderful support.

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Team Sapney